White Kitchens: Love it, or Leave it?

Are all-white kitchens timeless and elegant, or have designers and homeowners had enough?

There’s no denying that white kitchens are white-hot. A search for the term on Google and Pinterest turns up thousands of posts and pins on the subject. Some industry insiders, however, point to a shift toward the trend of more earthy, natural materials, colorful back splashes and warmer metals.

So are white kitchens timeless, or is their time almost up? This question was posed recently on the Design Dilemma discussion forum on Houzz.com, when a user asked the community for advice after being discouraged by a Realtor and a builder from creating a white kitchen in a new home. The only problem? This user wanted a white kitchen—badly.

The respondents’ comments to the poster were overwhelmingly in favor of a kitchen white-out, citing the style’s classic, clean timelessness and the ease with which homeowners can mix and match white with a wide range of accent colors, fixtures, countertops and flooring. Color trends come and go, but white kitchens done right will always be in, the consensus seemed to be. And fear not: This doesn't mean you need to go white with your appliances. A stainless steel dishwasher or range will look fantastic against the white backdrop.

Here are thoughts from some Houzz Pro users who weighed in on the discussion:

A user from Hirshson Design Group wrote: “It’s far easier for a new owner to change accent colors and alter the look of white cabinets than to affect the same change in a wood-filled kitchen. I frequently design white kitchens for my clients, and no two spaces have turned out the same.”

Fresh Architect added: “A white kitchen is timeless. There are so many design options with cabinet door profiles, hardware, countertops and backsplash ideas. You can introduce glass and great lighting. It’s always a fresh, clean and warm look.”

And Tom P. from Riverhead Building Supply compared the “classic, timeless look” of a white kitchen to a crisp, white button-down shirt, which “will never go out of style.”

The verdict: White kitchens continue to make a stylish statement, whether your taste runs from sleek Scandinavian to cozy country cottage. What's most important is creating a space you love.