Tips for Setting a Beautiful Table

Interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel shares how she uses SmartBoost™ to care for her table linens after hosting.

Few things are better than hosting a get-together with friends and family. And when you have everyone over to your home, you want to make sure your table is set and also reflects the occasion. But we know that can seem like a tall order. Layering a table can take time, with the table cloth, plates, cloth napkins, silverware and so on. But with help from designer and blogger Sarah Sherman Samuel, you’ll easily create a layered tabletop full of style and get a few tips on how to keep the cloth and napkins ready for dinner parties to come with Electrolux laundry.

finished table shot from the side

Table settings are a great way to carry a theme throughout a dinner party, and can even make the meal more enjoyable. When you put in the effort to menu plan, grocery shop and cook a meal for a group of people, you want the thoughtfulness to flow to the very end. Follow these 5 steps, from start to clean, to expertly and effortlessly set your table.

Step 1: Get Your Linens Ready

Jess place setting from above

“Inevitably my linens get folded up, and when I want to use them, they are creased,” Sherman Samuel says. So she tosses them in her Electrolux dryer and sets it to Perfect Steam™ to gently remove the crease lines and wrinkles, making them table-ready.

Step 2: Build a Nontraditional Color Palette

center of the table top-down

“I always find I am way more drawn to tablescapes that veer off the obvious color choices,” Sherman Samuel says. If you’re hosting a holiday, don’t think you have to stick to reds and greens or browns and oranges. Take on variations of those families. You’ll want to stay on-season, but Sherman Samuel suggests pairing a traditional color with a not-so-traditional color that complements to make the table feel fresh.

Step 3: Say Hello to Vintage

challis and flatware from the corner of the table

Make your table feel unique with vintage touches. “Just like how I love to incorporate vintage into the spaces I design for a more storied and interesting result, a little vintage on your tabletop can go a long way as well,” Sherman Samuel says. Pick up a small set of vintage glassware or a set of brass vintage flatware — either way, it’ll add an extra special touch to your table.

Step 4: Layer Your Linens

place setting from the side

Layers tend to translate to coziness, so don’t be afraid to bring those layers to the dinner table. “Tablecloths and cloth napkins are perfect to bring that coziness to a meal for entertaining,” Sherman Samuel says. “I also add some extra muslin as a table runner, which is the same color as the tablecloth but adds one more subtle layer of texture.” And if the idea of keeping linens clean intimidates you, we’ve got you covered below.

Step 5: Revive & Refresh

electrolux smartboost washer

After your last guest leaves and you’ve cleared the table, what’s left is the dirty linens. “I throw my linens in the washer and use the gentle cycle,” Sherman Samuel says. She uses her Electrolux washer with SmartBoost™ to clean her tablecloth, table runner and linen napkins. No matter what was for dinner, SmartBoost™ tackles any stains by premixing the detergent with water before the cycle begins, which maximizes the detergent’s power.

When it’s time to switch the linens over to dry, you want to take great care so your linens last. “You don’t want to overdry them,” Sherman Samuel says. “I like to pull them from the dryer right when they are dried through, or just before.” She uses her Electrolux dryer, which has a moisture sensor. As soon as the fabric is dry, the machine will shut off — saving your fabrics from overdrying.

With these tips, you can now host your next dinner party worry-free. Layer your linens, making it a table to talk about — and the cleanup something you won’t have to think about.