Essential Layering Clothing Items for Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring Layering Essentials from Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes

Spring can be a tricky time when it comes to getting dressed. Some days are hot, some are cold, and some range all climates from sunshine to rain and back again in the same day. Layers are key during this time, so you’re prepared for whatever the sky throws your way.

Summer Cardigan Sweater

My three favorite layering essentials are: a neutral short-sleeved top, a light cardigan, and a cozy scarf. You can wear all three together or combine them however you like.

Lemon Stripes Layering Techniques Julia Summer Cardigan Julia Tshirt Jeans

I like to start the morning with all three and then peel off the scarf and sweater as the day grows warmer. Because I mix and match my layering pieces so often in the spring months, they need to be washed more often than usual.

Julia Electrolux Frontload Washer

I have to wash my layering pieces at least once a week. I never get nervous about colors fading because of the incredible SmartBoost™ technology on my Electrolux front-loading washer. It cleans my layering essentials with cold water and keeps the colors vibrant, and the fabric fresh. I don’t want my pretty blush pink cardigan to start looking dingy!



Luckily, I’ve found that SmartBoost™ makes a huge difference, and my spring layering can continue, unaffected by fading color. What are your favorite ways to layer for spring?

Julia Electrolux Washer Dryer