SmartBoost® Premixes Detergent To Deliver The Most Effective Stain Removal*

Electrolux is proud to offer the most effective stain-removing washing machine1. But what goes on behind the scenes in a washing machine that is proven to remove stains better than the competition?

We set out to design products with features that solve all your laundry problems – from the adaptive detergent dispenser in our washing machines to a dryer that predicts when your load will be dry.

Our powerful clean starts with SmartBoost® technology. SmartBoost is a special process exclusively used in Electrolux washers where detergent is premixed with water before it reaches your load of laundry. It even premixes fabric softener and bleach. Starting in our Adaptive Dispenser™, which accepts any kind of detergent, including packs and PODS, your detergent is then sent through a special chamber that activates it with water and disperses it equally over your entire load.


Other washing machines don’t premix detergent. So when you pour your liquid detergent in with your clothes or toss in your detergent packs, there’s a good chance you’re not going to get the thorough clean you were hoping for.

That’s because this simple process maximizes your detergent’s cleaning power, no matter what type you use. So instead of using the first part of your wash cycle to mix the detergent unevenly throughout the load, Electrolux washing machines are already working. The result is a faster, more efficient, and deeper clean that make it the most effective stain-removing washing machine on the market.

Peace of mind with thousands of hours of lab testing

With the superior cleaning power of SmartBoost technology, you’re able to effectively wash your laundry in colder water temperatures. This means your favorites stay flawless and your colors stay vibrant longer.

For Electrolux washing machines, SmartBoost is only the beginning. Our LuxCare® Wash System is refined from thousands of hours of testing in our labs, and gives you improved wash actions, responsive temperature control, and smart load sensing. The improved cleaning and better fabric care through features like these is the reason why Electrolux is consistently a top-rated washing machine by experts and our customers alike.

Customer reviews

Want more proof? Electrolux has been rated the top washing machine by Also see what Electrolux owners are saying about their Electrolux washing machines.

So when you’re ready to experience the most effective stain removing washing machine and a best-in-class laundry experience, take a look at the Electrolux line of washers and dryers.

*AHAM HLW-2013 tested against leading competitors with suggested retail pricing of $899

1AHAM HLW-2013 tested against leading competitors with suggested retail pricing of $899