Why LuxCare® Wash System Takes The Guesswork Out of Laundry

At Electrolux, we’re passionate about our laundry appliances. That’s why we’ve retooled, refined and re-engineered our LuxCare® Wash System from top to bottom.

Whether it’s another load of kids’ clothes or a king size comforter, we’ve enhanced every cycle to deliver unparalleled clean and care. 

But what exactly makes LuxCare Wash System the best cleaning performance in its category? We’ve developed a family of features that are specifically designed to effectively handle your laundry needs from start to finish. Temperature Control, Smart Load Sensing, Improved Wash Action, and Perfect Cycle Timing make tackling any laundry challenge a piece of cake.

Wash System Features:

While physical features are important to consider (size, load capacity, top or front-loading), the best cleaning washing machines have smart features so that they are energy efficient and have stain-fighting power that is also gentle on your clothes.

The Luxcare wash system stands out because it customizes to each wash. Think of it as an algorithm that optimizes for the cycle you’ve selected. Here are some features that make the LuxCare Wash System stand out:


Temperature Control maintains the optimal temperature to protect your clothes from damage. That means no more wondering how hot “HOT” actually is. That’s why we can offer the most effective clean in hot or cold-water cycles and keep clothes colors vibrant longer.

Smart Load Sensing auto-adjusts based on the amount of clothes and water absorbency, because load size is a little more complicate that just small, medium and large.

Improved Wash Action optimizes rotation sequences based on extensive testing. And, with new options like an activewear cycle, a solid soil specific level, and the ability to put detergent packs in the dispenser, clothes are cleaned more thoroughly and efficiently every time.

Perfect Cycle Timing applies unique timing specific to each load’s needs, so you’re not stuck waiting for laundry that’s already clean. It’s efficient for you and your utilities bills.


The LuxCare Wash System is revolutionizing the way people do their laundry. Alongside other features like SmartBoost® – the only wash system that premixes detergent and/or fabric softener with water, boosting their power to deliver a better clean – and our Adaptive DispenserTM that handles any type of detergent on the market, you can be confident your clothes will always look their best with Electrolux washers and dryers.

Washer Reviews

We’re proud of these game-changing features, which have been rated as the best washing machine by reviewed.com.

If you’re ready to bring the quiet and powerful clean of the LuxCare® Wash System home, we’ll help you find the right Electrolux washers and dryers for your home.

Bottom Line: Look no further for a reliable washer

In addition to the powerful cleaning performance, we offer a 10 year motor and lifetime tub warranty