How to Refresh Neutrals

Interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel shares how she uses SmartBoost™ to keep her living room neutrals fresh.

Neutrals in the home are gaining popularity. The versatility is just one reason interior designers love them. But neutrals can be an intimidating place to play. Do you mix and match neutrals? Make a statement and add patterns and colors? Designer and blogger Sarah Sherman Samuel is going to share some of her interior design tips and tricks for outfitting your living room with the latest color trend — and her easy way for keeping neutrals, well, neutral year-round.

Neutrals are so trendy because they work with so many other colors or they can stand alone. Regardless of whether you choose to add bold colors, the first rule of neutrals is to stay away from using only mid-tones, Sherman Samuel says.

“Think browns and taupes. These can read as drab, while brighter whites, ivories and creams, or dark and moody neutrals like charcoal, navy, and blacks, can stand on their own and have so much more impact. You can mix in some mid-tones for variety in shades, but keep away from using them solely” Sherman Samuel says.

white couch with indigo accents

Make It Yours

Once you’ve picked the neutral of the main piece in your room, you can either add more neutrals for a calm, sophisticated look or add bolder colors for a burst of personality.

“You can keep everything the same shade of neutral for a monochromatic look, go all light and bright neutrals but add in one pop of color as a fun accent for a fresh modern vibe, or create a dark and moody space using a lot of dark neutrals for a cozy feel,” Sherman Samuel says.

styling a white couch with black pillows

One tip Sherman Samuel swears by is mixing as many natural materials as possible to add warmth to a colorless space. Some go-to materials include rattan, leather, wood, cotton, linen and jute. Additionally, if you’re looking to add some color but not too much, Sherman Samuel says walking the line between color and neutral with ochre, rust and soft pinks is a must.

white on white interior design styling

And if you want to follow fall fashion trends, you can easily incorporate your favorite fall colors with neutrals. Sherman Samuel suggests jewel-toned accents or layering on more textural neutrals such as wool and sheepskin to make the space feel warm.

Keep It Fresh

Sherman Samuel doesn’t just talk about her love of neutrals, she followed the trend and added a white couch to her living room — which might seem like a bold move with two dogs and a toddler, but she has her own set of rules for keeping it looking fresh.

“Removable cushion covers are key, and that the fabric is machine washable,” Sherman Samuel says. “Dry cleaning bills can get high if you are constantly taking cushion covers in to get cleaned.”

interior designer removing pillowcase

Sherman Samuel uses her Electrolux washer with SmartBoost™ to refresh her white couch cushions. Because the covers are removable, she just zips them off and throws them in the wash. SmartBoost™ revives her white by premixing the detergent with water before the cycle begins, which maximizes the detergent’s power.

electrolux smartboost washer

If you, too, would like to incorporate lighter neutrals into your home but are a little nervous, she suggests putting white pieces in lower-traffic areas or starting with pieces that inherently get less use, say a chair versus a couch. But ultimately, SmartBoost™ is the simplest way to be worry-free when it comes to refreshing your neutrals.

What do you think? Will you jump on the neutral interior design trend?