How to Make the Most of Your "Me Time"

With our busy lives, “me time” can sometimes feel like a hot commodity.

How many times have you found yourself saying “if only I had a few more hours in the day”? With our busy lives, “me time” can sometimes feel like a hot commodity. Whether it’s going for a long run or relaxing in a bubble bath, it’s vital that you set aside time to be alone with yourself and unwind. But between work, that never ending to-do list and caring for your family, taking time for yourself can be a luxury that seems hard to justify. Only when things start to fall apart do most of us realize the importance of putting ourselves first.

But you don’t have to wait until life throws you a curveball to take time out. With the help of a few simple cleaning and organizing tips, you’ll be able to get the to-do list out of the way so you can get to your “me time” sooner. Not only will it feel good to have the tough stuff taken care of, but a clean home makes “me time” that much more enjoyable. Who knows, by implementing a few organizational tricks, you might even be able to make self-care a daily ritual.

Here’s how to make the most of your “me time”.

Tidy up

It’s hard to fully relax in a messy space. Rather than focusing on that crossword puzzle or a good book, you’re thinking about the dirty dishes on the coffee table or the dog hair on the rug.  So before you can make time for yourself, you need to create a serene, relaxing environment. Clear off the coffee table, fluff the pillows and put away the stray blankets. Then vacuum your rugs and furniture to pick up pet hair, dirt and crumbs. My vacuum of choice is the Electrolux Ergorapido PetCare vacuum. It’s lightweight, mobile and perfect for that quick clean that’s needed around the house every once-in-awhile – especially concerning pet hair pick-up. You will feel so much better relaxing in a space that looks fresh and inviting.

Put books away, but still within arm’s reach

If you’re not careful, books tend to find a permanent home on the coffee table. If you have a bookshelf in your living room, make it a habit of putting books away right after you read them. Not only will they be out of eyesight, but they will be easily accessible next time you’re ready to sit back, relax and read a good book. If you don’t have a bookshelf nearby, use a pretty basket to corral books so you can still get to them easily without them being an eyesore.

Keep remotes hidden in a decorative box

Much like books, remotes tend to take up precious real estate on the coffee table (or tucked behind sofa cushions or tossed on the mantel). Not only do they make your space feel cluttered, but they can get lost easily if you’re in the habit of tossing them wherever (trust me, I know!). Make a home for your remotes in a pretty box that sits on your coffee table. Not only will it be nice to look at, but you will always know where to find your remotes when you need them.

Designate a spot for personal items

Create a home for all those loose items like car keys, dental floss (does anyone floss their teeth during “me time”?) and headphones. I like to use a pretty bowl to hold small items that I use often but can never seem to find when I need them. You can either display the bowl on your coffee table or tuck it in a decorative box next to your remotes.

Set the mood

What’s “me time” without candles, fresh flowers and a little aromatherapy? Now that you have a clean space, set the mood with pretty flowers and a favorite candle. Since fragrances can trigger warm fuzzy feelings with just a sniff, choose a scent like lavender, vanilla or citrus to make you feel happy and relaxed.

Then just sit back, put your feet up and enjoy your “me time”.