Styling Tips For Hosting a Dinner Party

Follow along with Emily Jackson as she gets ready for an evening to remember.

We’ve partnered with fashion blogger Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane for styling tips and insights on how she cares for her favorite pieces with the new Electrolux Washer and Dryer.

One of the best parts about entertaining or going to any special event is taking the time to slow down and make sure I look my best.

Watch for some of my styling tips and how I get ready to host a dinner party: 

Pick a Comfortably Stylish Outfit
I like to start by picking out one piece, and building my entire outfit from there. I usually start with one of my favorite pieces— something I’ve worn often but is still special and most importantly, comfortable.


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Go with Casual Hair and Make-Up
If I’m wearing a softer color on top, I’ll pick a shade of lipstick or lip gloss that’s a little bolder. For casual entertaining, I prefer a looser, more casual hairstyle, so that I look put together, but not overdone. 

Stand Tall with Heels and Minimal Accessories
We all know shoes can really make the outfit, so I put extra thought into picking out the best pair. I like matching my top with my shoes to pull everything together. In terms of jewelry, I tend to keep things simple with just a classic watch and my wedding ring.