30'' Electric Double Wall Oven with Wave-Touch® Controls

This model is no longer in production


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I keep my luxury-glide® oven racks gliding smoothly?

Electrolux ovens have Luxury-Glide® oven racks, which are designed to move effortlessly. To keep your oven racks gliding smoothly when you’re removing or inserting them, we recommend lightly applying cooking oil along their outer edges.


My oven door is open and in the locked position. How can I close it?

To close an open door when it’s in the locked position and the door is open, press and hold the oven door light switch while following these simple steps:
• Program the oven to self-clean.
• Wait 20 seconds.
• Cancel self-clean.
• Wait 20 seconds.
You should then be able to close the door.


Is it normal for my oven’s fan to run after the oven has been turned off?

Yes, this is normal. The fan stays on for a period of time in order to help cool the oven.


How can I ensure the best results when baking?

Many factors can affect baking, and you can help ensure best results by following these recommendations:

• Make sure the oven rack position is the right one for the dish you’re preparing.
• Place your food in the center of the oven.
• If you’re placing more than one pan in the oven, be sure to allow space between them so that air can circulate.
• Preheat your oven to the desired temperature before placing food in it.
• If necessary, try adjusting your recipe’s suggested cooking time and temperature.


What is the Perfect Turkey® button?

Imagine stress-free holiday cooking. Select models offer the Perfect Turkey® Button, which ensures moist, delicious poultry every time. The oven can be programmed for Perfect Turkey® at any temperature between 170°F and 550°F, with a default temperature of 325°F. The probe default temperature for the Perfect Turkey® feature is 180°F.




How do I set my oven to self-clean?

To self-clean your oven, follow these simple steps:

• Remove the oven racks.
• Set your oven control to “Clean.”
• Select a cleaning time or choose a cleaning level: light, medium, or heavy. For typical cleaning needs, we recommend that you select a cleaning time of three hours or choose the medium setting.
• Select “Start.” (To set a delayed start, see your Use & Care Guide.)

Note: For safety reasons, the over door will remain locked until the oven cools down. When it is sufficiently cool, the door will automatically unlock.




What should I do if my oven beeps and the display shows an “f”?

This means that the oven has detected a condition it needs to check. Press “Cancel” to clear the display and to stop the beeping sound, then try turning the oven off and on again. 

If you still see the “F,” turn off the power to your oven and wait five minutes before turning it on again. If you hear the beep or see the “F” when you try to bake or broil again, please call your authorized provider for service.




What is Perfect Convect3®, and how does convection cooking work?

Electrolux ovens offer Perfect Convect3®, which features a third convection element for consistently even results, up to 30% faster cooking times, and even more baking options.

Convection cooking is cooking with the added advantage of airflow circulation, which allows for a more even distribution of heat. By using the forced flow of hot air, convection cooking produces the following benefits:
• Cooking time is approximately 25 – 30% faster than in conventional ovens, saving energy.
• The more even distribution of heat results in food that is more evenly baked.
• Generally, less heat is required than with a conventional oven – a convection oven usually cooks at 25°F below a conventional oven's required temperature. So simply program your oven according to your recipe’s temperature requirements and press “Convection Conversion,” and the oven will automatically convert the temperature.


What are the advantages of an Electrolux wall oven?

Electrolux wall ovens offer a wide variety of cooking and baking options, bringing stylish design to your kitchen. Their ingenious and intuitive features – designed to make cooking more luxurious – include Wave-Touch® controls, smooth Luxury-Glide® racks, Luxury-Design™ lighting, and Luxury-Hold™ doors. 

Additionally, our wall ovens offer convection cooking modes to let you quickly and evenly cook food to perfection, as well as multistage cooking options for even more versatility and convenience.


What should I do if my oven does not appear to be level?

If your oven does not appear to be level, check your kitchen cabinet alignment. The position of your cabinets may make your oven appliance appear to not be level. Be sure your cabinets are square, and that they leave sufficient room for appliance clearance.


What does it mean if the oven display is flashing codes that I ’m not familiar with?

These codes mean that the oven’s electronic control has detected a condition it needs to check. When you see a code, follow these steps:

• Press “Stop/Clear” to clear the display and stop the beeping.
• Reprogram the oven.
• If the code still displays, turn off the power to the oven at your breaker box and wait five minutes before turning it back on.


What are Luxury-Glide® oven racks?

Electrolux ovens offer thoughtful design, both inside and out. Luxury-Glide® oven racks with a ball-bearing system are so smooth, they extend effortlessly.


How do I register my Electrolux wall oven?

To register your wall oven, simply call Electrolux at 1-877-4 ELECTROLUX, visit, or drop your product registration card in the mail.You will need to know your model number and serial number, which can be found on the serial plate located along the interior side trim of the oven and is visible when the door is opened. This information can also be found on your product registration card.You will also need to know the date of product purchase shown on your receipt.Tip: It’s always a good idea to record your wall oven’s model, serial number, and date of purchase, as well as to save your receipt.

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